“The results were considered very successful, concluding that the handover reports would not only be useful when people left, but were worth the expense even for internal moves”. This finding is now departmental policy and the service continues to be used as the department undergoes another reorganisation. The method proved very easy to integrate into the department since we were quickly able to minimise the management overhead associated with each debriefing (the time to brief the interviewer and collate the background documentation) to less than half an hour. Furthermore, use of this technique has been demonstrated to be fully applicable to middle managers, as opposed to senior executives who may be the more common target for such debriefings. We even used the tool successfully on a junior member of staff who left the company shortly after her departure was integrated into ours.”

Glen Slade

“The project went far beyond any of our expectations. Unless a new employee reads the culture here right, then they’re going to find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to be productive. The technique is a very insightful and efficient way of reflecting the reality of the job and the company, and a well-balanced way of crystallising all the issues that someone coming into this organisation cold needs to know. When the new appointment is made, it will give the new entrant a very good understanding of how this business ticks.”

Rodney Lonsdale

“It fleshed out areas I would not have thought of mentioning to my successor, even had I the opportunity. As a succession planning tool, it has considerable value for the new entrant and the company. It is an extremely effective way to quickly familiarise one’s successor with all the subtle aspects of both a new job and their new employer.”

John  Antcliffe

"Without exception all acclaim it as a first-rate piece of work of the highest standard which more than meets the original expectations."

Sir Campbell Adamson (chairman of Abbey National)

".... a marvelous achievement. I have heard nothing but praise from all quarters."

Paul Hyde-Thomson (chairman of Ibstock Johnsen)

"Your technique (Oral Debriefings) places business history consultancy right at the centre of organisational effectiveness and strategic need. The technique has real potential to win through, to save significant expenditure, and to lead to sustainable and long-lasting improvement."

Professor Gerald Vinten (President of the Institute of Internal Auditors, U.K. & Ireland)

"I’m indeed impressed by your work and methodology."

Professor Alfred Chandler (Harvard University)

"I am fascinated by your approach and originality."

Professor Malcolm McDonald (Cranfield School of Management)

"I am struck by the innovative ideas of what you are doing."

Sir Peter Parker (Former chairman, British Rail)

"We must congratulate Pencorp on the efficient way the whole business was conducted."

Sir Nigel Mobbs (chairman of Slough Estates)

”I have always found Arnold Kransdorff’s lectures, discussions and ad-hoc conversations stimulating and thought provoking. In these days of ‘downsizing’ and ‘flattening the organisation’, with its middle management emphasis on youth rather than experience, I feel that his message is both timely and significant. It we do not follow his advice large sections of our management heritage will disappear and we will be continually ‘re-inventing the wheel.’”

William J. Brookes (branch chairman, Institute of Management)

"Pencorp champions experiential learning and convincingly challenges the popular notion that the flexible labour market, alone, is the corporate remedy for today's fast pace of change. The company has innovated resourceful management tools for capturing organisations' valuable and hard-earned knowledge that is routinely forgotten or otherwise walks out of the front door when employees leave."

Russell Williams (Sunderland Business School)

"I would like to think I have become a convert. I have seen the evidence of corporate amnesia a number of times, including my present assignment."

Allan Brown (British Computer Society)

"Arnold Kransdorff is a very original and interesting speaker. I have heard him speak on a number of occasions and have always been impressed by the insightful nature of his talks. He has much of interest to state and his novel ideas will shortly become the new conventional wisdom."

Professor John Pheby (Luton Business School)

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