The outline methodology for employers is:

  • IDENTIFY your main knowledge owners
  • CAPTURE their knowledge & experience before it departs - we call it offloading
  • SHARE it with their rolling replacements - your induction / onboarding process
  • ENSURE that all employees can better LEARN from it

A first for HR and KM – and the best new idea for 40 years

It is a practical, common sense, innovative – and above all serious - solution to a business model that’s doing only half its job. Importantly, it retains the recognised advantage of flexible working, which allows the necessary workplace versatility to better accommodate the fast-changing marketplace.

Notably, it’s the first time that Human Resources (HR) has consciously linked up with the new discipline of Knowledge Management (KM) to solve an unexpected problem that has emerged from a deliberate stratagem. Ensuring that consecutive generations of employees share-to-learn their employers’ knowledge and experience also happens to be the best new idea to come out of HR for at least 40 years.

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