This two-part HOW-TO Handbook directly supports employers who need to retain the knowledge and experience that important decision makers would otherwise take with them.

SECTION 1 Explains the extent, cost and effect of high staff turnover in the big flexible labour economies of the UK, the US and Canada, among them: *High recruitment costs. * Workplace disruption from constant stop-starting of different jobs and individuals’ cold-starting. * The extensive loss of important knowledge and experience from key exiting employees, including main decision-makers. * The huge impact on decision-making and organic and productivity growth. SECTION 2 Outlines how to capture, share and learn from your short-, medium- and long-term organisational memory (OM) alongside replacements’ own experience. The accredited techniques used have been adapted to the modern short-tenure labour market. They directly address widespread corporate amnesia, shorten new cold-start appointments, smooth stop-start workplace disruption and improve overall decision-making.

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